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Great at setting goals but not so good at following through?

I feel your pain!
I know EXACTLY what it's like to totally rock the planning stages of goal setting only to lose momentum when it comes to the achieving part.

Figuring out what you need to do first, keeping track of your progress and staying motivated can be tough!
But that's where my 52 Week Goal Setting Workbook comes in.
Not only does it have a goal planning worksheet for every week of the year that you can use to set and map out your weekly goals, it'll also help you:


Review your goals from the last 12 months so that you can gain clarity about what matters to you and set goals that truly resonate.


Figure out what goals you want to accomplish this year, work out their order of priority and map out the steps you need to take to achieve them.


Each week, write down the action you need to take. Do the work. Make progress. Crush your goals. Celebrate your wins.


Monitor your progress as you go and make notes and ideas about what worked, what didn't and what you want to pursue and accomplish in 2021.

PLUS, it's undated so that you can start it ANY time of the year!

Goal setting is one thing - accomplishing them is another.

If you want to be as good at accomplishing your goals as you are at setting them, THIS 52 Week Goal Setting Workbook is for you!

You see, I know what it's like to be great at the planning part but struggle then struggle with accomplishing my goals. To know what I need to do but then not follow through and take action.

And so, I created this workbook - which I now use every single week to help me go from goal setter to goal-crushing pro. And it can totally do the same for you too!
Taking just a few minutes to fill in each week, this Goal Setting Workbook will help you take those dream goals and finally make them become a reality.

Imagine what goals you will have knocked out the park by this time next year with it's help!

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“I’ve been using your 52 week Goal Setting  workbook since the start of the year and it’s now an essential part of my weekly planning. The design is so clean and tidy – but still super pretty. So that’s a win for me! 

How I use it: Every Sunday, I sit down to plan the coming week and that’s when I fill in my weekly sheet. Then I stick it to the fridge so there’s no ‘out of sight, out of mind’. I see it every time I go in the kitchen so it keeps me accountable. And the ‘celebration’ box reminds me to actually celebrate my achievements – so easy to move straight on to the next thing in life without taking time to acknowledge how far I’ve come. 

Need proof? So far this year I’ve joined a gym – and actually gone to the gym 3 times every week! I’ve quit eating sugary snacks (two months ago I would have told you that this is an impossible goal). And I’ve taken a photography course.”  Lois.

Pretty cool, right?!
And it can totally be the same for you too!

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